Intimate moments as the bride gets ready, bathed in natural light, at the breathtaking Dreams Las Mareas resort in Costa
Behind-the-scenes glimpse of the bride's preparation in the opulent suites of Dreams Las Mareas, where every detail refl
Wedding details always are important

1. Consider the space you’re getting ready in.

Take a moment to envision the ideal space where you'll commence your wedding day preparations. Does your chosen venue offer a suitable area. Ensure that the chosen space is spacious enough to accommodate your entire bridal party comfortably, allowing for a seamless and stress-free getting-ready experience. Opt for a setting that not only resonates with your taste but also provides ample room for the hustle and bustle of pre-wedding preparations.

Additionally, pay close attention to the lighting in your chosen space. Natural light can be your ally as it's stunning and flattering for photographs. Prioritize a well-lit environment with an abundance of natural light, ensuring that your getting-ready moments are beautifully captured.

Capturing the anticipation and beauty of the bride's preparation in the tranquil ambiance of Dreams Las Mareas, a perfec

Makeup & Hairstyle: Nadia Cambronero.

2. Consider the time

Timing is Key: Allocate sufficient time for capturing this special bride getting ready moments. Coordinate with the bridal party to synchronize everyone's readiness.

Intimate moments as guests share heartfelt toasts in a charming Costa Rica

Candid shot capturing the laughter and joy of a bridal party celebration on the tropic shores of Dreams Las Mareas, Cost

3. Disconnect from Digital Distractions

Take a break from your phones and other electronic devices. Resist the urge to constantly check social media and emails. Disconnecting from the digital world allows you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment, fostering a genuine connection with those around you. Replace the buzzing of notifications with the soothing sounds of music, creating an atmosphere that encourages authentic interactions and the creation of meaningful memories.

Bride's details at their finest – a glimpse of elegance, romance, and beauty

4. The Details

When I arrive, the first thing I will often ask for is your details so I can take detail shots! I try to make sure that this part is not rushed, because even though these might not be the most important photos of the day, they are still so meaningful! If you wouldn’t mind, please prepare all your details you’d like photographed, and keep them prepared in one designated spot! This creates a seamless start to the day, instead of trying to track down each detail!

If you wouldn’t mind, please prepare all your details you’d like photographed, and keep them prepared in one designated spot! This creates a seamless start to the day, instead of trying to track down each detail! These details can include:


• Shoes.

• Groom’s tie, socks, belt, watch, etc...

• Fragrance.


• Both wedding bands, and engagement ring.

• Jewelry.

• Wedding bouquet. (Make sure you will have flowers on time).

• Official wedding invitation.

• Shoes.

• Fragrance.

• Wedding Dress/Veil

• Anything else for desired photographs. 

Groom's style in focus – a blend of classic charm and modern sophistication in Costa Rica

5. Keep the Space in Order

Imagine flipping through your wedding day photos and encountering unexpected distractions in the background. To avoid such moments, designate a helpful friend, perhaps a bridesmaid, to keep the preparation area tidy and free of unnecessary clutter. The chaos of a wedding morning can easily lead to a bit of disarray, but a concerted effort to maintain cleanliness will significantly enhance the visual appeal of your getting ready photos. 

The bride's dress, a masterpiece of elegance, flowing with grace and timeless beauty
Overflowing happiness captured in a candid moment, radiating pure joy and love

6. The hanger of your Wedding Dress

Give some thought to the hanger that cradles your wedding dress. Opt for a stylish wooden hanger over a generic plastic one – these subtle details can elevate the overall presentation significantly. 

7. Everyone on Time

Coordinate with your bridesmaids and family to emphasize the importance of being on time for the getting-ready. The hairstylist and makeup artist work on a schedule designed to ensure everything runs seamlessly (I usually recommend to be ready with hair and makeup at the time I arrives). A delayed start could disrupt the entire day timeline, leading to unnecessary stress and a rushed finish. To preemptively avoid any issues, set an earlier arrival time than actually needed, considering the friend who tends to arrive fashionably late. Prioritizing punctuality helps maintain a relaxed atmosphere, allowing everyone to enjoy the getting-ready process stress-free.

Unforgettable moments of happiness, where love and celebration merge into pure bliss at Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica.

8. Think about the attire you and your bridesmaids for getting ready

Give careful consideration to the outfits you and your bridesmaids while getting ready. Opting for matching attire, such as adorable pajama sets or silk dressing gowns that complement the wedding colors, not only looks incredibly charming but also results in captivating photos. Consider adding a personal touch by getting these outfits personalized with names and the wedding date. 

ender and emotional, the first look between the bride and her father unfolds, capturing a moment of love and pride
Laughter and excitement fill the room as the bride and her bridesmaids share joyous moments while getting ready

9. The PRE-First Looks

Brides, thinking of doing a first look with your bridesmaids? DO IT! It’s so worth it. Even if it’s just them seeing you in your dress for the first time. They can leave the room while you get your dress zipped up (by your mom or MOH, maybe?), and then we’ll call them in and I’ll capture their reactions!

Thinking of doing a first look with your dad or mom? ALSO DO IT! These are the photos that always make me emotional the most, full disclosure. If you have a parent (or a sibling, friend, mentor) that is extra special to you, do a first look with them! It will mean the world to them! 

Bride Getting ready in amazing resort in Costa Rica. Dreams Las Mareas
Beautiful bride at dreams las mareas in costa rica

Hair & Makeup: Tamara Sabate.

10. Don't Forget to Eat

While it's common for brides to feel a mix of excitement and nerves on the morning of the wedding, it's crucial not to neglect your nutritional needs. Start the day right with a wholesome and hearty breakfast that will sustain you throughout the festivities. Consider a layered breakfast bowl featuring fresh fruit, natural yogurt, and granola, accompanied by a soothing herbal tea to set a calm tone for the day. Steer clear of heavy and greasy foods, as these may induce queasiness and bloating, especially if nerves are running high. If you're staying at the venue or a hotel, plan ahead by ordering your breakfast through room service the night before for a hassle-free and nourishing start to your special day

Captivating moments of the bride getting ready in Costa Rica, where anticipation meets beauty, weaving the tale of a per
A delightful mix of personalities and styles come together in the lively bridal party

11. Set the Mood with Melodies

Prepare a playlist featuring your favorite tunes. When I tied the knot, I crafted a special Spotify compilation filled with love songs that held significance to our relationship. Don't forget to pack a set of portable speakers in your bag. Let the sweet sounds of your chosen melodies create a harmonious backdrop, setting the perfect tone for the moments leading up to your big day.

12. Get the Celebrations Started

Start the celebration by popping some bubbly and raising a toast with your bridal party! However, keep in mind the importance of moderation; there's a full day of celebration ahead, and you wouldn't want to let the excitement get the best of you too soon. Savor the moment as you embark on the journey of your special day.

Stylish unity in the bridal party, each member adding their unique flair to the celebration